Creative Initiatives

Nafs - An introduction

'Nafs' is founded by composer & music producer A. R. Rahman.

It is an initiative to promote Indian talent internationally through original and creative acts.

Its music director, arranger, and conductor Arjun Chandy (from the Award winning Dallas choir The Vocal Majority) was specially commissioned to make this mission a world class act. Arjun Chandy spent a year and a half training the band.

The word Nafs means 'free will' in Urdu

The band has an acapella feel with throbbing vocal rhythm and live bass.

Nafs is still work in progress with the aim of having previews in the spring of 2015.

It aspires to be like acts such as the Blue Man Group, Yomoto, Manhattan Transfer, fused with the souls of indian music and western classic covers with some original numbers during the launch.